About Daxin

Established in 2017, Daxin is devoted to the research of long-term care equipment. As the low birth rate and aging society have gradually become the trend, Daxin is committed to creating a better environment for long-term care.

Much like warm and caring hands, Daxin’s Automatic Toileting Device made a revolutionary debut on the market by providing a labor-saving and more convenient option for both caregivers and care recipients. Not only are quality of life and happiness enhanced for both the young and old, health care professionals are spared tiresome labor.

Daxin’s offers caregivers and care recipients better living standards. The introduction of Daxin is the gateway to happiness! Let Daxin accompany you in living joyful elder life!


Brand identification description

Daxin's Logo Design

Two hands overlap each other to form a shape of “PEOPLE ”with two hearts, of which the upper one means the love and care from the caretaker to the cared and the lower one means Daxin’s perseverance and sympathy of innovation and contribution towards deep long-term care services. With the connected hands, we shall carry on the responsibility of making the cared assured together for a better life and warmer society!


Brand Philosophy

Brand Philosophy

Leading long-term care services, improving life quality of the aging society, giving a better life to three-generation families, and forming the inner happiness of all people.

Brand Vision

Every product of Daxin starts from “Human” “Hearts”, perfectly connecting technologies and our life. With integrity, passion, and innovation, Daxin focuses on humanity and moves forward from our heart, developing and providing various new technologies and excellent products for better life quality.

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