Subscription Notices

1.Making Order Online
Directly make order on our website

2.Notice by Call
Please confirm the ordering information and total amount with our customer service personnel before remitting (to avoid rights and interests damages).

(1).Remitting Information
Account Name: Daxin Biotechnology CO., LTD.
Bank: First Commercial Bank (Zhubei Branch)
(Bank Code: 007) Account: 313-10-066188
(Remarks: The handling fees shall be assumed by the remitter)

(2).Remitting Confirmation
Please inform of the remitting date, last 5 characters of the account, and the remitted amount via e-mail (daxin@daxin-bio.com) or phone call (+886-2-2749-1222) after remitting

Please inform of the remitting date and the name of remitter to avoid damaging your rights and interests, thank you.

a.Confirm the amount via phone call
b.Confirm again your accepting date in the call

Project Introduction

  • Renting Project 1 Renting

    For Short-Term Use

  • Whole Purchasing Project 2 Whole Purchasing

    Long-Term Use
    Most Valuable

  • Extra Accessories Project 3 Extra Accessories

    Various Accessories
    No Worries for

  • Joint Purchase Project 4 Joint Purchase

    Most Friendly Price

Project 1

Paid with: Credit Card For host renting only; consumables shall be separately purchased due to personal health issues. contact us

Project 2

The contents include Host, Professional Foam Mattress, 1 Pair of Anti-Bacteria Silicone Pants, and 2 Pairs of Smart Cleaning Pants (in 1 Package) as well as host guarantee for 1 year and duration for 10 years. contact us

Project 3

Coming soon

Accessories purchase

Anti-Bacteria Silicone Pants Directly contacting with users. Suggested cleaning every day with the cleaning solution regularly.Suggested replacing once half a year.
contact us

Smart Cleaning Pants (2 pairs in 1 package) ( 10% off discounts is offered for single order of 3 packages and 15% off discounts for 6 packages in onetime) For fixing the silicone pants just as regular pants. Suggested cleaning every day and replacing from time to time.
contact us

contact us


Professional Bed Pad Professional bed pad for mobility of the users with unique design to avoid generation of decubitus ulcer.
contact us

Professional Air Bed Professional air bed for the mobility of the users with unique design to avoid generation of pressure ulcer.
contact us

Purchase discount

Anti-Bacteria Silicone Pants + Smart Cleaning Pants For this combination.
contact us

Anti-Bacteria Silicone Pants + Smart Cleaning Pants + Filter Three-Together
contact us

Personal statement
1. Collection Purpose: The Company collects, processes, and uses your personal information by relevant regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act to provide excellent services and to carry out businesses within necessary scopes. You agree to allow the Company to confirms your identity, contacts with you, offer relevant services and information (such as subsequent notices) with the personal information provided by you.

2. Personal Information: Your personal information, including name, ID card number, date of birth, phone number, and e-mail address, etc. are required for the application.

3. By the time of elimination or expiry of the purpose of your personal information, you agree that the Company can keep, process, or use your personal information. You may request for deletion or process or use termination to the Company at any time within the period except for that it is necessary for the Company to carry out businesses or to abide by the laws.

4. You may choose whether or not to offer your personal information for collection, process, and use. Should you choose not to offer, only offer partial, incomplete, inauthentic, or incorrect personal information, or request the Company to delete partial or all personal information after offering, which may be reported or discovered that such information is insufficient to confirm the authenticity of your identity or is used illegally and that the Company is unable to conduct necessary review or processing, the Company reserves the right to suspend the services for you. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

5. If you have any questions, please contact us with +886-2-2749-1222.

I have been informed of the relevant matters regarding Personal Information Protection Act, and have clearly understood the matters regarding the collection, process, and use of my personal information in this survey.

Same as Address

Purchase Notes

Process for Returning or Replacing
1.Products are not allowed for return or replacement if they are assembled for use or disassembled, which lacks their original form.
2.If there is any condition of flaw, defect, unmatched specification, or component lack to the new products you receive, please contact with us within 3 days.
3.The outer package may be pressed during the delivery, but such should not damage the completeness of the product within. If there are damages confirmed, you may reject the product.

Please be noted that the following situations are not within the scope of flawed products, and the return or replacement is not acceptable:
1.Damages caused by human hands AFTER opening the package.

Shipment Fees
1.The delivery is applicable within the island of Taiwan; other distant areas shall be charged with additional fees depending on situations. The delivery is also not applicable to the offshore islands (Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, Green Island, and Hsiao Liouciou Island). We’re sorry for the inconvenience.
2.The delivery fees are calculated separately for areas of out Taipei City and New Taipei City.

1.Please contact with the customer service for extra pre-ordering if the current stock is in a shortage. We will inform and confirm with you after the completion.
2.The pictures and actual products may have some differences due to the light or angle of the shooting or the coloring of every screen. Buyers who are sensitive to color differences shall consider twice before purchasing.
3.If you have any questions, you may contact with our customer service even during work hours for the sake of your rights and interests!
4.You should confirm the dimension and needs for placement of the product; returning for dimension issues is not acceptable.

Active Hours of the Customer Service:
10:00 – 17:00 from Monday. to Friday. Lunch Break: 12:00 – 13:30. Closed on Saturday, Sunday, and other national holidays.

Contact us:+886-2-2749-1222