Daxin Automatic Toileting Device

Egestion has always been a major hindrance in terms of long-term care for bedridden patients. How can we enhance comfort for both the caregiver and the care recipient, while also realizing convenient cleaning?
Daxin’s Automatic Toileting Device revolutionizes traditional cleaning methods and relieves family members and health workers from the trouble of periodically changing diapers. The Automatic Toileting Device can also effectively reduce infection and provide a cleaner, more comfortable experience for long-term bedridden individuals.

依序穿戴完成 Step 1 :
Put on the silicon multi-function pants.
選擇性別後啟動 Step 2 :
Select appropriate gender then activate the device.
自動溫水洗淨及烘乾 Step 3 :
Automatic warm water cleaning and drying.
每日清倒及清洗 Step 4 :
Clean the device daily.

  • 1Fulfills toileting needs.
  • 2Reduces the burden of cleaning
  • 3Comfortable, skin-friendly, and prevents side leakages
  • 1Dignity-preserving
  • 2Reducing the chances of infection
  • 3Improved air quality
  • 1Cross-century innovation
  • 2Revolutionary
  • 3Smart sensing
  • 1Environmentally friendly

  • Long-term bedriddenLong-term bedridden
  • Suffer from urinary and fecal incontinenceSuffer from urinary and fecal incontinence
  • Suffer from dementia and disabilitySuffer from dementia and disability
  • Suffer movement inconvenience due to surgerySuffer movement inconvenience due to surgery

  • 1Household – Family home care
  • 2Institutions – Nursing homes/ long-term care centers/hospitals

  • 1Medical grade CE Electromagnetism Conduction Test
  • 2Medical grade RE Electromagnetism Radiation Interference Test
  • 3Made with medical grade silicone rubber
  • 5Antibacterial silicone rubber
  • 6Low power consumption

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